Our characters are lookalikes and impersonators based on classic fairytales and folklore,you may be familiar with. We are in no way affiliated with any company, brand, licensed character or attraction park nor do we claim to be. It is not "Starkidz Entertainment" intention to violate any copyright laws. We can only accept bookings off individuals who are aware of this. If you require a licensed character please contact the license holder. Any links or mentions to other businesses should not be taken as recommendations by "Starkidz Entertainment" nor are they endorsed by "Starkidz Entertainment". Our costumes are custom designed and intended to be our own representation of the characters you are familiar with. By booking a character with Starkidz Entertainment, you acknowledge that the characters we provide are not affiliated with any other company, corporation, or theme park that may own certain rights to similar characters. Thank you for your understanding! Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns. Starkidz Entertainment characters are not affiliated with any corporation or trademark and I make no attempt to market them as such.