Here at Starkidz we are very well known for our seasonal characters  Take a look below at the various times of year we celebrate!


Here at Starkidz Christmas is one of the things we are most well known for! At Christmas time add that extra touch of magic by having a visit off our Christmas elves! They go wild in your garden whilst collecting your children's letters to take back to Santa! This will get all the family in the Christmas spirit! The Starkidz Christmas elves have been running for 10 years and are very unique to us! They also have an amazing customer base with our visits reaching 500-600 bookings every year! The elves haven’t just been around gardens at Christmas time, they are also an amazing walkabout at Christmas events and Christmas light switch ons inc Leeds and London Oxford Street! 

Elf Parties


Also on offer are Christmas Elf Parties, having a few friends around to celebrate Christmas? why not let us take care of the kiddies and enjoy some fun Christmas games and activities! 

Elf & Safety visits


Is your home safe for Santas arrival? Let our Elves check for you with an amazing Elf and Safety check! Expect silliness, stories and songs! Aswell as a certificate to say your home has passed! 

The grinch


Oh noooo, he really is a mean one! 

Amazing for light switch on’s and home visits/parties. This guy really is wicked but will highly entertain! And Offend!! 


Why not spruce up your easter by having the REAL easter bunny come to your house! He will play around your garden, leave an egg hunt and also leave some big eggs! This is fun for the children and adults!


Have an even more spooktacular halloween by partying with our halloween characters! Our characters are an amazing touch to any halloween party you are celebrating and they’re a lot of fun for both the children and adults!


Is your child struggling to give up their dummy? Have a visit from dummy fairy and feel a weight lift as she sings and dances and creates magic with your child. Telling a story about how she needs the dummy and exchanging it with a gift! 100% success guaranteed! Has your child lost their first tooth? Have our tooth fairy come and visit them and make them feel even more special!



Did your child have an amazing report this summer? Reward them with a good report visit! Or celebrate the end of another school year by having us come and attend your school summer fair! Has your child just left year 6?

Do you want to make this summer as memorable as possible for them before they take that big leap to big school? Celebrate the end of their primary school days by having us attend and help to plan an amazing prom for them! We also provide friendship parties over the summer to keep your children reconnected with their friends!


It’s not just the children that should get spoilt, surprise someone you love on mothers/ fathers day with their favourite character (because we all know they’ll have one)! We will make their day and make them feel that childlike giddiness!


Give the gift of a super awesome character visit and get in touch with us!